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Remembering Curley

Donald and I gave him the nickname "Wookie" when he was born because he was so fluffy. Curley was also called our "Little Shadow" because he was never far away. When he was born our hearts were forever changed. He was one of a litter of three kittens. He was so special and so adorable. We both loved him instantly. Curley had a heart as big as the fur that surrounded him. He would often play with his tennis ball and his mini basketball and give sweet kisses and hugs to us. We will never forget his sweetness and We will always remember how he would give his paw to shake when we gave him a Pounce treat. Curley loved to play with his doggie sister Ophelia, a boston terrier. "Opie" and Curley were the best of friends and shared even their toys when they played. Curley would always sleep on our bed at night and when we watched tv he would sit right behind us on the couch. In the morning when we were sleeping he would tap our faces gently and give kisses to wake us. Wherever you are sweet boy, we will be thinking of you this Christmas and every holiday and we hope that you have a safe journey to your next life. We Love You!

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